Our Family

Meet the Team

Our family of hard workers is ready to serve you.  We have become well known for our friendly service which is just as important as great food. This is a winning combination. Every year many people return to work for another season at Bread and Roses Bakery. We have mother and daughter teams, a father and son duo, and many pairs of siblings. The people who work here give their best every day. They are happy and friendly and work very hard to make sure your experience at Bread and Roses leaves you planning your next visit. We are very proud and grateful to be working with such a wonderful group of people.


Melanie and Raney purchased Bread and Roses Bakery in 2023. They are very proud of the Bread and Roses team and especially proud and grateful to Mary Breen, the founder and 35 year owner. Mary built an amazing business and devoted 35 years of her life to maintaining the stellar reputation Bread and Roses Bakery enjoys today.


Carol is Mary’s sister and has worked here since 1999. She handles all facets of hiring, scheduling and shipping. Carol is an invaluable leader at Bread and Roses Bakery.


Pat, Carlo and Emily are our lead bakers who work hard every day to make beautiful pastries, cakes and treats for you.


Customer servers are led by Cassie and Kogan.

Our goal is to provide you with a delicious treat, great service and a friendly smile.

Mary Breen - Bread and Roses Bakery Founder
Mary Breen, 35-year owner

Bread & Roses Bakery started out in a tiny 400 square-foot alley shop in Ogunquit, Maine, in 1989. Every day, owner Mary Breen, and her team would bake a dozen or so muffins, six loaves of bread, and maybe a birthday cake or two. It was such a small operation that during the summers, they would close the shop during lunch to run down to the shore for a dip. But those days didn’t last long. As word got out about their delicious pies, chewy cookies and blueberry coffee cakes, they soon found themselves closing to bake more and restock shelves instead of for a lunchtime swim.

In 2000, Bread & Roses Bakery moved to a larger location on Main Street. Crowds came for their famous blueberry pies, coffee cakes, and whoopie pies. Now Bread and Roses operates out of their large commercial bakery in Wells, Maine, offering delicious treats from scratch and time tested recipes. From the 7,000 pounds of Maine blueberries to the dairy products they purchase, Bread & Roses is committed to sourcing from local Maine farmers so you can get an authentic slice of the Northeast wherever you are!

The success of Bread and Roses is due to Mary’s thirty-five years of passion and commitment to growing her business to make it the best bakery in the area. Happy customers become repeat customers and with Mary’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction, she hit a home run.