Our Family

Our family of hard workers is ready to serve you.  We have become well known for our friendly service which is just as important as great food.  This is a winning combination. Every year many people return to work for another season at Bread and Roses Bakery.  We have mother and daughter teams,  a father and son duo, and many pairs of siblings.  The people who work here give their best every day.  They are happy and friendly and work very hard to make sure your experience at Bread and  Roses leaves you planning your next visit.  I am very proud and grateful to be working with such a wonderful group of people.  Here are a few for you to meet:


image   I am the owner. My job is great because every day is new and different. Mostly I spend my time trying to get all of us to make you leave here thinking this is the best bakery you’ve ever been to. There are 35 of us who work here and we make over 100 different products. I’ve never been bored. When I am not working, I love to ride my bike and kayak and spend time with Eileen and our 2 dogs and 4 cats.


Mary’s Assitant. She is always working hard to see that things are running smoothly. She helps Mary which is a full time job.  When Carol isn’t hard at work at the bakery, she hangs out with her family- Katie, Ryan and Tjitse. Ryan works here, also, as our delivery driver.


As our head baker and pastry chef, Lucie is the heartbeat of the kitchen. She creates all of our menu items and leads a team of 15 bakers and assistants. While she is running a tight ship in the kitchen, she is planning, ordering, and creating beautiful desserts.   Originally from from the Czech Republic, she was recently married on Ogunquit Beach and resides with her husband just up the road.



The success of Bread and Roses Bakery is due  in large part to my parents Louise and Daniel Breen. They taught us to take careful risks, give back to our community, and do well by doing good.

I will always be grateful for their guidance.