Environmental Leadership

We are very proud to announce that the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection recently certified us as an Environmental Leader.  Currently, we are the only food service establishment in Ogunquit to receive this certification.

All compostable trash is collected by Mr Fox Composting. It is composted at local farms. All of our glass, metal, cardboard and paper is recycled through the single sort process.

We use earth friendly cleaning supplies that have not been tested on animals.  Our paper products are all made with post- consumer material.  Some are made from potato starch. And are completely biodegradable.  We are particularly proud of our commitment to purchasing corn based plastic cups for cold drinks.  These cups are completely biodegradable.  We have met our goal and are now using only biodegradable plastics for all of our take out containers, cutlery, etc.  This is an expensive endeavor, but we feel that it is the right thing to do.

We can all work together to heal the Earth.  When you visit our shop. Please take a few minutes to notice our trash system.  It’s a little confusing at first, but if we all work to put the different items in their proper receptacles, it really works.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions about our dedication to recycling, using earth friendly paper and cleaning products, buying locally whenever possible and our commitment to keeping Ogunquit the beautiful place by the sea.