About Us

In 1989, I dreamed of creating a place where people could buy really good desserts and baked goods made with the best possible ingredients. Nothing pretentious— just great.

about-exteriorWe started out small—just 400 square feet in the alley behind the Harbor Candy Shop. Back then we’d make a dozen or so muffins, some breakfast pastries, dessert bars and squares. Our batch of bread was six loaves. We baked and decorated one or two birthday cakes a day. A coffee order twenty years ago meant regular or decaf from a pouch, not whole beans.

We didn’t have too many customers that first summer. On the sweltering days, we closed for lunch and ran down to the beach for a quick dip! But slowly, word began to spread. People returned time and time again for our delicious pies and cakes, big chewy cookies, delicious brownies and muffins bursting with blueberries. We started to feel growing pains. When we got really busy, we’d have to close down for an hour or two to for a baking frenzy to restock the shelves instead of a lunchtime swim.

We are a proud Maine Company dedicated to keep the dream of small business thriving in Maine.  Carpe Diem Coffee Roasters- our  Coffee supplier is a locally owned micro roastery  nearby in North Berwick who produces amazing fresh and robust coffee. Our little bakery purchases over 7000 pounds of Maine blueberries every year which get baked into our famous blueberry pies, muffins, coffee cakes and more. Maine varietal apples go into our pies, turnovers and pastries. We use Oakhurst Dairy products because of their commitment to local Maine farmers.  At our production kitchen in Wells, Maine, we have a small garden where we are growing many of the veggies for our seasonal salads and sandwiches.

maine-made-lgThrough our hard work, dedication to excellence, and the amazing group of people who I am so proud to work with, we have grown exponentially since. Our “new” shop on Main Street is much bigger, yet somehow, never big enough. The summer crowds are lined up to get in on weekend mornings. We offer a much more extensive variety of cakes, pies, individual desserts, cookies, bars, breakfast pastries and muffins. Our menu includes vegetarian lunch items made fresh every day, and a variety of fresh breads. Our coffee bar is a huge part of our business and we offer the best there is: Carpe Diem Coffee Roasters. Lattes, cappuccinos, espresso or just a perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee….we have something for everyone including all natural and healthy smoothies. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality, our dedication to friendly and professional service and our goal to provide you with an excellent experience.

Visit our online store and send treats to friends and family. Our Bread and Roses Bakery Sampler Box is the perfect way to ship baked goods to loved ones. It has a little bit of our best and most popular treats. Try ordering our whoopie pies online and have the Maine dessert as a special treat. We are shipping our baked goods fresh every week. Thank you for your continued support.