Breakfast Items

Assorted Bakery Pastry Platter

An assorted platter of our most popular morning pastries including: muffins, cinnamon rolls, chocolate croissants, raspberry cheese croissants, and cinnamon butter puffs.

16 pieces $45.00.

Platter of Minis

Bite size portions of the following: cinnamon butter puffs, chocolate sugar puff, blueberry muffins, danish, and cinnamon rolls.

12” platter/ 30 pieces $29.00.

Croissant Box

An assortment of freshly baked croissants: butter, chocolate, raspberry cheese and spinach & feta. 15 pieces $45.00.

Bowl of Fresh Fruit

Serves 10-15 people $32.00.


Freshly baked quiche using Pete and Gerry’s organic cage-free eggs, cheddar cheese, milk, and your choice of vegetables: Spinach, onions, red pepper, broccoli, tomato and mushrooms.

10” pie plate, serves 8 $24.00.

Coffee Service

Container of delicious Carpe Diem Regular, Decaf, or Hazelnut Coffee, creamers, cups, sugars, stirrers and napkins. 10 + 8oz. servings.